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Hammermill KTH50

Hammermill KTH50 equips with exhaust filtration system to reduce dust and improve particle size distribution PSD. After milling, particle size can reduced to approx. 30 µm.

  •       - Final particle size after milling about 10-300 um
          - Crushing knife and sleve are easy to dismount and clear
          - Suitable for R&D and pilot production
          - Minimum residual
          - Exhaust filtration system to reduce dust
          - Feeder can be selected to improve particlesize distribution
  •       ● Capacity:  Max. 50 Kg/hr
          ● Power:  0.75KW 
          ● Electric: 220V/380V,3PH,50Hz
          ● Speed of Impeller: 1000-12000 rpm
            Note:Capacity is based on milling blend of Lactose with 3 % CMC.

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