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Kmill KTG50

The Kmill KTG50 has same advantages and features of the Laboratory Milling Machine K50, but also the gearbox driven design allows pilot production as well as CIP/SIP application.

  •       - Final particle size after milling down to 125 un
          - Predicable scale up from R&D to production
          - Narrow particle size distribution
          - Optional Ventilated Discharge Containerfor Dust Free Collection
          - Minimum batch size 50g
  •       ● Capacity: Max. 100 Kg/hr
          ● Power: 0.375KW 
          ● Electric: 220V,1PH,50Hz
          ● Speed of Impeller: max. 6000 rpm
          ● Screen/Impeller Gap: no adjustment is required
             Note:Capacity is based on milling blend of Lactose with 3 % CMC.

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