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Basket Extruder

The basket extruder of Foryou Technology is based on a unique low shear extrusion technology, which can greatly reduce labor consumption and temperature rise compared with other types of extruders under the same extrusion output: very suitable for For heat sensitive products. The special extrusion technology used in the extruder of Foryou Technology makes the material FIFO and has no dead ends and stagnant materials; the material remaining in the extrusion area is only a few grams. Two coaxial impellers rotate in opposite directions within a cylindrical screen. The moist soft material is gravity fed to the inner impeller - called the "feeder" and distributed into the chamber between the two impellers of the outer impeller (called the "extrusion paddle"). A continuous wave of pressure is created as the impellers sweep across the inner surface of the screen. The drive for feed and extrusion optimizes the firmness and consistency of extruded soft materials through frequency control of operating speed, and adjustment of feed and extrusion speed. The goal of product design can be achieved by flexible replacement of screens with different apertures and wall thicknesses.

  •  - High-efficiency low-shear technology, high output;

     - Flexible handling of materials, which can effectively control the rise of material temperature during extrusion, especially suitable for heat-sensitive products, such as   enzyme preparations;

     - Recipe editing and automatic operation, data storage;

     - There are various screens and impellers to choose from, with wide applicability;

    The product process is easy to enlarge and shrink;

    Material first in first out, low residue;

    Compact and concise design;

    Easy to disassemble and clean and maintain.

  • Specifications


    theoretical yield

    0.5 - 2 kg/min

    feed impeller


    0.37 KW +Inverter

    Rotating speed

    20 - 160 rpm

    Extrusion impeller


    1.1KW +Inverter

    Rotating speed

    20 - 140 rpm

    power supply

    380Vthree phase50 Hz


    200 kg


    reserves the right to make changes to technical data without notice

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