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K-Sifter KF100

KF100 K-Sifter can capture and retain impurities and other foreign material efficiently as well as break down large lump. Centrifugal Sifter is a simple in-line design and prevent the final processing products from the risk of contamination.

  • - Compact Inline Housing Design for Ease of Integration with Bulk Handling Systems;  
    - Centrifugal Instantaneous Diametrical Discharge Effectively Screening Lumps and Retaining Impurities;
    - Increased Output by Double the Capacity Compared to Traditional Sifters;
    - Wide Range of Screen Selection to Compliment Process Requirements;
    - Quick and Easy Parts Interchange for Maximum Efficiency without Professional Intervention;


  • ● Power:1.5KW
    ● Voltage:380V,3PH,50Hz
    ● Speed of Screen:Max.2400RPM
    ● Comment:Capacity is based on sifting blend of Lactose with 3% CMC.Capacity depends on the characters of product like hardness,viscidity,hole size of screen and etc.

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