Accurate and Satisfactory
Provide testing, consulting and perfect after-sales service

Testing Services

Yongyikang Technology has a testing center in Beijing, which can test and analyze products for users free of charge. The
test center is equipped with a complete series of experimental production equipment to meet various process requirements:

-centrifugal screening to remove blocks, separation of impurities
-wet dry granulation, crushing, dispersing, mixing
-select the appropriate screen and crushing knife to achieve the desired particle size requirements.

After-sales service

Yong Yikang Technology's service tenet is: "timely, accurate and satisfactory".
Yong Yikang Technology wholeheartedly provides users with the following services:

-FAT/SAT for equipment installation, debugging and acceptance;
-IQ and OQ verification services for equipment;
-repair and maintenance during equipment use;
-training relevant personnel of users;
-optimizing production process.