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Hammermill, KH100

Hammermill KH100 is able to mill hard particle down to approx. 30μm with simple design and strong structure.

  • - Final particle size after milling is about 30 - 150 µm;
    - Work independently or integrate into processing system;
    - Use FDA compliant O-rings and shaft seals;
    - Exhaust filtration system to reduce dust;
    - Optional CIP & SIP to meet sterilized production requirement;
    - Ease to dissemble screens and rotors for cleaning;
    - High flexibility --- By changing the rotation direction of the rotors to change the final particle size;

  • ● Capacity:Max.200Kg/hr
    ● Number of Blades(Rotors):16 PCS
    ● Power:2.24KW
    ● Voltage:380V,3PH,50Hz
    ● Speed of Blades (Rotors):Max. 5000RPM
       Note: Capacity is based on milling blend of Lactose with 3% CMC. Capacity may vary significantly based on product. Please contact us for more details.

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