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Kmill Combo K200C

Kmill Combo K200C combines the functions of milling and sifting. That is to say, Kmill K200C not only can perform conical milling,deagglomeration and mixing, but also can retain impurities and other foreign material efficiently as well as break down large lump. Kmill K200C can quickly process change between conical milling and centrifugal sifting without replacing housing which is highly welcome by customers.

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  • - Quick Process Change between Conical Milling and Centrifugal Sifting.
    - Minimum Product Contact Surface Area & Material Retain
    - Sanitary Sealed for Life Design, No Lubricants Required
    - FDA Compliant O-Rings for Gearbox Housing Seals
    - Compact Housing for Ease of Up-Steam and Down-Stream Integration
    - High Standards Compliance for Personal, Equipment, Environmental Safety.
    - Wide Range of Screens or/and Tooling Selection

  • ● Capacity:Up to 1,000kg/hr
    ● Power:4KW (5Hp)
    ● Electric:380V,3PH,50Hz or other voltage specified by the buyers
    ● Speed of Impeller/Screen:Max. 2800 rpm
       Note:Capacity is based on milling blend of Lactose with 3 % CMC. Capacity may vary significantly based on product. Please contact us for more details.

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