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Security Screening & Delumping - Application in Production of Nutritional Supplements

An international processor of nutritional supplements needed a compact in-line solution to security screen and delump a multitude of ingredients before they entered a V-blender for final mixing.
The customer was utilizing a pneumatic conveying system to vacuum transfer the ingredients from a bag dump station, loaded by  operators, to the V-blender. The ingredients were loaded via various bag and drums and an in-line security screening method was necessary to catch any impurities before they entered the V-blender. The customer  wanted a unit that could  be quickly integrated into their process with minimal changes, and be simple in design so it could be easily cleaned. 
To meet the needs of the processor, Grandway Technology introduced the K-Sifter. The K-Sifter offers a compact,  in-line, high-capacity, vibration-free solution for today's efficiency-minded nutritional supplement manufacturer. The quick screen/mesh changeover capabilities of the K-Sifter decreased cleaning and maintenance times and helped increase the number of batches that could be produced per shift. The K-Sifter was easily integrated with  the pneumatic conveying system minimizing any changes to the existing production line.
The Grandway K-Sifter was able to successfully capture all impurities, as per customer's requirements.