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FPS Spiral Jet Mills

With Spiral Jet Mill technology the size reduction is achieved by collisions between particles of the substance, previously accelerated by high-speed jet streams. Target PSD is generally down to D90 <3μm.

    - Easy Cleaning for Validation (to avoid cross contamination)
    - No moving mechanical parts (no lubrication, high reduction in metallic contamination)
    - No Heat Generation
    - Constant Temperature
      Working principles:
    High pressure gas (typically Air or Nitrogen), from 2 up to 12barg
    Product particles acceleration in the milling chamber
    Particle to particle collision for product fragmentation
    Static classification.
    The Jet Mill series are complete with dedicated feeding systems (volumetric or gravimetric) and final powder collection and filtration units.
    The equipment may be easily integrated into FPS isolators to allow the process of high active or sterile products.
    There are three typical fields of applications: R&D/Laboratory, Pilot Plant and Production Plant.

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