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FPS Milling Machine Production Plant

The ProMill series is engineered for the large volumes of production facilities, where flexibility, efficiency, and cleanability are key.

  • - Several dimensions available 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”
    - High yields up to 99.9%
    - All dimensions available also with bottom-discharge configuration
    - ATEX certification available
    - Containment systems for HPAPI
    - The equipment may be easily integrated into FPS isolators to allowthe process of high active or sterile products.
    With PLC control system
    With interchangeable inserts (AISI316L, HC-22, PTFE, HDPE or ceramic)
    WIP /CIP
  • ● ProMill-8: Batch   2kg-1000kg           Productivity  0.5kg/h-80kg/h
    ● ProMill-12: Batch  5kg-2500kg          Productivity  5kg/h-200kg/h
    ● ProMill-16:Batch  20kg-5000kg         Productivity  10kg/h-400kg/h
    ● ProMill-20:Batch  50kg-10000kg     Productivit   20kg/h-800kg/h
       *Read the leaflet for more information

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