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O'Hara Containment Coater

The Containment Labcoat / Fastcoat is a product line of multi-pan laboratory and production coating systems with containment for highly potent tablets.

  • - Permanent solid isolator of stainless steel with hard plastic windows and glove ports

    - Inflatable door seals

    - Isolator drain with valve

    - Contained tablet loading and unloading chutes with optional containment valves

    - RTP port for materials, parts interchange and tablet sampling

    - Automatic isolation valve on inlet and outlet ducts

    - Anti beard spray nozzles

    - Automatic reverse tablet discharge

    - Safe change supply filters

    - WIP system

    - High containment dust collection available without the need of explosion relief

  • ● Labcoat BTc Drum Working Load: 0.46 Kg

    ● Labcoat 50c Drum Working Load: 42 Kg

    ● Labcoat 100c Drum Working Load: 80 Kg

     *Read the leaflet for more information


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