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O'Hara Continuous Coating System

Fastcoat™ Continuous is a product line of continuous / batch tablet coating systems for various volumes of production.

  • - Zero waste start-up and shut down system
    - Precision airflow balancing system
    - Schlick anti-bearding spray nozzle with auto-needle
    - Automatically adjustable tablet bed depth via patented weir system
    - Variable tablet throughput rates
    - Block style manifold design with revolutionary gasket for easy maintenance and cleaning
    - WIP System available
  • - FCC 75          Processing Rate 25kg /h– 75kg/h
    - FCC 500        Processing Rate 150kg /h– 500kg/h
    - FCC 1200      Processing Rate 400kg /h– 1,200kg/h
      *Read the leaflet for more information

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