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Basket Extruder

The basket extruder of Foryou Technology is based on a unique low shear extrusion technology, which can greatly reduce labor consumption and temperature rise compared with other types of extruders under the same extrusion output: very suitable for For heat sensitive products. The special extrusion technology used in the extruder of Foryou Technology makes the material FIFO and has no dead ends and stagnant materials; the material remaining in the extrusion area is only a few grams. Two coaxial impellers rotate in opposite directions within a cylindrical screen. The moist soft material is gravity fed to the inner impeller - called the "feeder" and distributed into the chamber between the two impellers of the outer impeller (called the "extrusion paddle"). A continuous wave of pressure is created as the impellers sweep across the inner surface of the screen. The drive for feed and extrusion optimizes the firmness and consistency of extruded soft materials through frequency control of operating speed, and adjustment of feed and extrusion speed. The goal of product design can be achieved by flexible replacement of screens with different apertures and wall thicknesses.


The core component of the spheronizer of Foryou Technology is a horizontally rotating friction disc with a specially designed friction pattern, and the friction disc rotates in a cylindrical pot body. The noodle-like extrudate is quantitatively added to the rotating friction disc and then thrown into short columns. After the interaction between the friction disc and the pot wall, it is made into spherical pellets. The particle size distribution and surface condition of spherical pellets are mainly affected by batch size, rotational speed, process time and the properties of the material itself. Foryou's unique design of spheronizer friction disc greatly reduces the generation of fine powder from conventional friction discs, thereby ensuring narrow particle size distribution and higher yield and sphericity of finished products. There are radial discs and orthogonal discs to choose from according to requirements, with different speed drives to ensure the best sphericity of the product. The conventional friction disc is driven by a variable frequency motor, and the standard is manual discharge; the option can be configured with pneumatic discharge. Foryou’s S450 spheronizing machine is mainly used for formula development and pilot production of products. The model of the spheronizer is consistent with the diameter of the friction disc of the corresponding spheronizer. The maximum rounding batch of S590 rounding machine can reach 5kg/time, and the maximum rounding batch of S700 rounding machine can reach 10kg/time. The spheronizer can operate independently or be connected with the upstream extruder; it can be installed independently or through the wall.

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